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Engaging mobile ads launched by Zappos on the US Magazine mobile site

Friday, 3 February, 2012

The mobile space is becoming a centerpiece for digital marketers as the increasing sales and usage of mobile smart devices, phones and tablets and driving consumers to connect and consume in different ways. Much like traditional media, advertising is all around us, and the need for exciting creative and engaging ads is evermore paramount to a campaign’s success or failure.

Zappos, an e-commerce powerhouse known mostly for their outstanding customer service, has decided to become more active in mobile and launch campaigns targeted to entertain and interact with end-consumers.
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In their latest initiative, mobile ads hosted within the US Magazine mobile site, target consumers with a call-to-action to click through to a mobile site and interact on a content-based level tied back to the current Spring 2012 product showcased on the Zappos site. Users are encouraged to pick through a host of topics and create their own Spring 12 story by filling in the gaps with words of their choosing. Users are free to browse products, make purchases or simply share content.

This initiative is both engaging and entertaining, two attributes that are key to building successful mobile campaigns. Whether or not this campaign leads to hard line sales will be the true test for success or failure.