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Foresee Results: Apple and Amazon top the list for mobile shopping experience in 2011

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

Foresee Results, an independent customer experience analytics firm, produces a 100-point study annually, measuring consumer experience across many types of retail platforms. Apple came in on top of their 2011 mobile shopping experience study with an 85 point score, followed closely by Amazon at 84 points. These high scores can be attributed to both company’s success at keeping their mobile sites as similar as possible to the standard website, both in terms of navigation, content and ergonomics.

Larry Freed, current president and CEO at Foresee Results, recognizes first-hand the rising trend in mobile commerce but also notes the challenges ahead. “There is a lot of room for improvement and there are a lot of complexities and variables with mobile commerce, from various operating systems to device and screen size,” he said. “It’s not as simple as the early days of the Web when everyone was building for Internet Explorer. Now you’ve got multiple OS’s, phones and tablets, and various screen sizes, all which affect the user experience. You need to apply the same concepts on mobile as you do on the Web, but it’s a very different platform.”

Navigation and functionality are at the heart of why some mobile shopping experiences fall short. It is the combination of driving device capable content, ease of use and high levels of security to turn mobile “spectators” into actual customers. Further, measuring usage habits and customer satisfaction closely will separate companies that truly want to maximize on this payment trend and those that may not realize the potential for mobile to become integrated into daily shopping habits of customers. According to Foresee Results, customers that are satisfied with their mobile shopping experience are 54% more likely to return to that very same mobile site and shop again.

Since customer perception and expectations for mobile experiences are largely based on traditional website navigation, functionality and content, companies need to recognize this link and increase efforts to tie-in both traditional and mobile site design.

Pingit payment application reaches over 400,000 downloads

Friday, 17 February, 2012

UK financial services company Barclay launched a person-to-person payment application called Pingit, and has already seen tremendous success in the early stages, reaching over 400,000 downloads since launching in February. The technology behind their application is simple; it that allows users to transfer money using only a mobile number, removing the need to transfer important and personal banking information.
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With the rising importance of mobile device usage, financial institutions are quickly adopting new ways to interact with customers beyond providing services to check account balances and other basic banking needs. Pingit’s early success points to the growing demand for simple and intuitive payment platforms that co-exist with current methods consumers are using with mobile technology. As Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile notes: “Pingit is simply tying your banking to your phone number to allow you to use this number to transfer cash is the same way you communicate to friends or vendors.”

In a short period of time, Pingit became the fastest downloaded financial app in the UK Apple Store for the entire month of February. Moreover, eBay users and smaller UK merchants are moving towards this app as a way to accept payments. Barclays aims to continue to develop add-on features to the app, making it a more all-encompassing payment tool.