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Macys mobile spring product push

Thursday, 10 May, 2012

Recognized major US department store Macy’s has recently launched a new mobile campaign highlighting its latest spring 2012 product collections at rock bottom prices.

The initiative has been launched through Us Magazine’s mobile site, and aims to get attention from Macy’s on-the-go customers and to drive a new direct to consumer discount channel.
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Mobile ads are placed in favorable locations at the top of the Us Magazine’s mobile site landing page, demonstrating a clear call-to-action for consumers to click through to another mobile site showcasing Macy’s “Spring Spectacular” sildenafil pills sale items. Users can also browse the retailers’ entire product inventory and benefit from free shipping.

Not a newcomer to mobile ad campaigns, Macy’s sees this component as crucial to move sales in new directions and continue to develop their mobile component. Having already launched augmented reality platforms to SMS marketing, Macy’s has tapped into the emerging mobile space in a big way.

Mobile app to capitalize on last-minute bookings

Wednesday, 15 February, 2012

Last-minute travel is a regular part of business for most airlines, and Southwest Airlines aims to capitalize on this sales market through the use of mobile technology.

Southwest has begun utilizing mobile as a platform for launching this new business initiative via an integrated platform that uses mobile ads connected to mobile sites. With ads running inside the IMDb iPhone app, users are encouraged to click through to the mobile site in order to inquire on flight status, trip booking, and inform themselves on the airline itself.

Says Chris Mainz, spokesman for Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX:
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“As an airline, we know our customers are constantly on the go, and the feedback we have received in focus groups lets us know how best to communicate with our customers – it is important for us to give access to our customers to book tickets on Southwest in a manner that suits them, and mobile is an important part of that strategy.”

Operating over 3000 flights daily to 73 cities and 38 states across the U.S., Southwest is an airline in high regular use largely due to its value-oriented proposition of low-cost airfare. It is therefore not surprising to see the company move to the mobile space to increase last-minute trip purchases.

Their mobile system is quite simple in construct: an ad indicates, “Low fares at Southwest.com” with a clickable button connecting users to the mobile site. Once there, users can toggle through four main areas: 1) Booking 2) Check-in 3) Change Flight and 4) Cancel Flight, all of which are protected through an account system that users access with a login and password.

Enhanced mobile app brings GNC shopping experience to new heights

Sunday, 5 February, 2012

GNC, a health and wellness specialty retailer, launched an iPhone application in March of 2011 and has seen over 100,000 downloads. This interest has prompted the company to focus and redesign the mobile app to further please tech-savvy customers.

The application is available free of charge for both iPhone and Android users and hosts a wide range of information on the GNC brand, products, and includes a mobile commerce engine. Jeff Hennion, GNC’s chief marketing and e-commerce officer, spoke proudly of their new app: “Our strategy is to go to our customers, wherever they are and however they want to shop.”
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According to Hennion, a large amount of GNC’s core consumer spends many hours researching products as they are geared toward specific health benefits. The addition of an overhauled mobile site allows for continuity between the regular website and hosts the same amount of product info.

Users can browse products, check out the latest deals, track their own personal supplement use, find store locations, access recipes, and store the GNC membership card info directly in the app allowing them not to have to carry the actual card.