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Starbucks introduces mobile payments to the UK and Canada

Saturday, 25 February, 2012

Starbucks has expanded its mobile platform by bringing the company’s new Android app to the UK and Canada. Users will now be able to make payments with their mobile app, load their cards, check balances, and find any location by utilizing the store locator function. With the addition of these countries Starbucks mobile payments is now accessible at 14,000 locations.

My Starbucks Rewards has also been upgraded in the process. Users can now easily note when a free drink is available, keep a close eye on their balance, their star count, and the convenience of “touch to pay”.
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While these types of upgrades or expansions are not typically newsworthy, there are some interesting elements to this mix. Starbucks has refused to stand on the sidelines and wait for the mobile payments mass confusion to pass. They have instead delivered their own intricate system that has empowered them by  offering up an end-to-end solution with mobile apps, full POS integrations, barcode scanners, and loyalty programs which are all managed in-house. Ultimately, Starbucks is opening up the possibility of mobile payments to the mass consumer market, getting them ready for an inevitable payment reality.

Context taken from Tech Crunch 6/11/12

Pilot mobile payment platform tested by Burger King to drive m-commerce

Sunday, 12 February, 2012

Fast food chain Burger King is now testing a program where consumers have the ability to pay for meals through a mobile smart device. This pilot program marks the continued foray into developing a clear m-commerce strategy that the chain hopes to bank on into the future.
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Teaming up with Firethorn Mobile Inc., this new program mimics a similar initiative previously launched by Starbucks. “The strategy is to provide retailers with a mobile payment service that does not require hardware – bar code scanners – investment at the point-of-sale,” said Chip Fishburne, senior vice president of financial services at Firethorn Mobile, Atlanta. “This is a cloud-based payment service that leverages the strong brand of the retailer,” he added.

Burger King currently operates over 12,500 locations in 82 countries worldwide. A global launch for the initiative has not yet been disclosed.