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Clinique UK augments print ads to drive sales

Wednesday, 29 February, 2012

In a bold move to continue supporting a 360-degree ad campaign, Clinique UK is deploying improved reality platforms to enhance current print ads and help drive sales. They invited users to interact through print and out-of-home ads via smart devices during the month of March.

Teaming up with the enhanced reality Blippar application, which can be easily downloaded for iOS and Android platforms for free, the print ads come to life by creating an interactive version of the ad viewed directly on a user’s mobile device screen. By interacting with the advertisements users can view more detailed info on the showcased product and even make a purchase if so inclined.
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Jessica Butcher, founding partner and marketing director for Blippar, notes that print is a stagnant medium that needs to continue to evolve, “Print is, by its nature, old news as soon as it comes off a printing press, and this technology enables it to be used as a trigger for real-time information updates, a digital bridge to mobile Web pages, content downloads or interactive touch screen experiences. Augmented reality is simply one of the forms of content delivery that can be facilitated by this technology.”

This augmented reality platform goes even further by allowing users to connect with a store locator through GPS, view products and brand related videos, connect to Clinique’s mobile site and share comments and view threads via Facebook to see what other people are saying about the product.

This level of interaction brings new meaning and value to print advertising, and when tied into a relevant mobile campaign, a brand can reach higher levels of engagement and drive sales.

iPad brings new depth to the shopping experience at Guess retail stores

Monday, 6 February, 2012

Lifestyle apparel retailer Guess has launched a program to bring innovative elements to their in-store shopping experience. Leveraging Verifone’s GlobalBay mobile retail platforms and software, Guess has set up rolling stands with iPads in approximately 12 stores across the USA. This is a test phase for the retailer, with plans to expand this program to their other locations based on the usage rates and overall functionality within their existing retail environment.

The iPad stations allow customers to shop for products in-store as usual but are seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience by exposing them to enhanced brand level content. The iPads come preloaded with GlobalBay’s Lookbook application which showcases videos, content, and an innovative product catalog function that ties to an e-commerce platform, all while integrating with current Guess POS and inventory systems. The software is stock with these backend functionality, allowing a brand to simultaneously maintain creative control over their layout and aesthetic design to properly showcase their features.

The stations are mounted on wheels, allowing employees the ability to move the mobile iPad freely in the store so they can, for example, assist further in changing rooms by suggesting alternate colors and styles to patrons who are actively trying on their products. Store managers are mandated to use the stations to help train new staff, give up-to-date product knowledge sessions, and help manage the Guess brand. Future plans for the system include the addition of a barcode scanner and credit and debit card mag stripe units to automate the checkout process, a similar trend that has taken hold in major department and grocery stores.

Will this be the end of the salesperson? Not likely, but it will modernize the way retail stores, their clerks, and their customers interact. The traditional retail shopping experience at Guess and other clothing stores alike are going to be become much more technology-driven and better equipped for enhanced service.

EVO to experience unprecedented growth in Canada!

Monday, 28 February, 2011

EVO Merchant Services Corp.-Canada is proud to report that it continues to experience unprecedented growth in Canada.

Credit and Debit card Processing in 2011 has doubled from 2010 to more than $1 Billion in volume and CAGR new account growth rates are more the 357% over the past two years

Mark Lachance, President of EVO CANADA attributes the phenomenal growth to his teams focus on partnerships with clients.
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“EVO’s goal is to help small business across Canada maximise their profits. Not only can we help them reduce payment processing costs, but we work with our clients to get to know their business and offer them additional products or services that could increase their bottom line” Kevin Lavigne, COO at EVO CANADA adds “our customer centric focus is really the key to our success. We are continually working to provide the newest technology to help our customers. In 2011 we launched the EVO iPhone and iPad credit card acceptance applications, EVO ePay, China Union Pay Card acceptance and a new website and blog to name but a few .The Customer is King is our mantra and we remain focused on continued growth under that vision in 2012.


EVO Merchant Services is in the largest privately held credit card processor in North America. By the end of 2011, EVO will actively service 315,000 merchant customers businesses of all sizes, in various industries, in the US and Canada focusing on the small to midsized merchants.. EVO CANADA is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and is a “single source” for the full range of electronic payment services. EVO offers several processing options, thus approving 98% of the merchant applications it receives. Visit www.evocanada.com for more information.