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Jumio simplifies payment and secures heavyweight financing

Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

Start-up company Jumio, specializing in mobile and online payments, has secured $25.5 million USD in a recent funding round. Investment firms have yet to be disclosed but this is a huge statement for the upstart company who in March 2011, secured $6.5 million USD in Series-A financing led by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Savarin.

As current CEO and founder Daniel Mattes’ second successful start-up, Jumio aims to simplify online and mobile payments. Daniel is no stranger to the world of venture capital finance as he was behind the VoIP success Jajah, selling in 2009 for $207 million USD to Telefonica in an all cash deal.

Jumio’s lead product is Netswipe, with many options from basic processing to a mobile application and even a wordpress blog payment plug-in. For more information on Jumio, please visit www.jumio.com.

By Evo Canada Merchant Services 

EVO Canada Cares – where innovation and community come together

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

We all dream of philanthropic pursuits, but often lack of time and resources get in the way of giving back to the community. Current challenging economic times have also put pressure on financial resources available to fund local projects, community outreach programs and special causes. At EVO Canada, we understand these limitations and like you, always look for ways to do more, which is why we launched the EVO Cares program.

Since it’s inception we have seamlessly helped our customers give back to their communities in a low cost, hassle free, streamlined way. Through a simple referral program, EVO Canada will donate a minimum of $500 to your charity.
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Over the last year we have been fortunate enough to donate to organizations of all shapes and sizes, from the Canadian Red Cross to the MS Society of Canada and even less known community based organizations such as the L’Association Pour un Maroc Meilleur and Troupe Crème Brulee musical comedy. No charity or cause is too big or small as EVO Canada strives to proactively give back to our communities each year.

Contact EVO Canada Cares’ Josh Sorensen at 1-877-355-2082, extension 2964, and find out how your business can take a few small steps to make a difference in your community today!

Smartphone = Smartwallet: the age of mobile payments

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

By the end of 2011, mobile payment users are expected to total more than 140 million people worldwide. It’s no question that with the rise of enhanced mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, people have embraced new ways of gathering info, communicating and consequently consuming products and services. From apps to social media, simple web searches and everyday phone calls, so much of our daily life has become intertwined with portable devices and it’s only natural that payment processing becomes a part of this growing movement.

At the forefront of these new mobile payment initiatives is NFC (Near Field Communication), a revolutionary way to use technology to make simple low cost secure purchases through a mobile device. The concept is similar to the “pay pass” chips offered by most credit and debit card companies and widely used by gas stations in the form of a key chain swipe system.  Transactions can process simply through close proximity between two devices set-up with NFC technology, only a few centimeters apart.

No longer will people need to keep track of cards, cash and even the wallet itself, one central device will hold all of your vital daily resources. The offshoot for waste management is endless as well, as mobile payment solutions continue to move us towards a paperless society.

So next time you’re in line for that latte, pull out your phone and instead of making a call, send a text or type that tweet while you wait, pay for your coffee instead!

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