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RIM continues to up the ante as the Blackberry 10 Jam event approaches

Adding to the now long list of events and contests, RIM has announced yet another component to create participation and give back to the developer community. As part of the overall Blackberry 10 Jam event, a new component dubbed the AppCircus will see up and coming developers go head to head in a jury-based contest with 3 grand prizes to include $25,000 in cash and the chance to see your favorite music group perform.

Times have been rather tough for RIM, and it seems they are recognizing the weight of this event. Further, the AppCircus will help developers hone their skills and further innovation with the end goal of bringing more added value to Blackberry apps as a whole.
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The contest will focus on three main areas of app development: WebWorks, Adobe Air and Native Gaming. Contestants will have the opportunity to tweak their apps during AppCircus then pitch to a panel of RIM judges who will decide on the top 3 developers for each of the three areas of development. Finalists will be given time to work with RIM advisers to further tweak the app and then participate in a final pitch lasting no more then 3 minutes with a short 2 minute Q&A after the pitch. A winner will be announced shortly after for each development category.

For more info on the contest and how to enroll, please head on over to blackberry10jam.appcircus.com.