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Recent study indicates that smartphone owners are willing to share location info with retailers

Shop.org, comScore Inc., and The Partnering Group teamed up to deliver a study that assessed the adoption of mobile technology and willingness of smartphone users to interact with various m-commerce platforms and promotions. It would seem this study was timely what with the rise of smartphone usage and its link to the increasing revenue generated from m-commerce platforms.
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The 2012 Social and Mobile Commerce Consumer study revealed data that furthers the notion m-commerce is indeed on the rise and primarily driven by smartphone usage. The percent of total e-commerce dollars spent while using a mobile device was three times larger than that of the same period in 2010. Moreover, 33 percent of respondents indicated they would be willing to share location information with retailers when prompted through the various map functions on mobile sites or via check-in systems on platforms like Four Square. Vicki Cantrell, current executive director over at Shop.org added; “The biggest news is that smartphone and tablet e-commerce spend tripled from Q4 2010 to Q4 2011, you just can’t ignore these numbers”.

Cantrell concluded that the more important underlying trend is the current convergence of social and mobile worlds which, make it easier for retailers to use geo-location and custom tailored messaging to users.