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Mobile POS readiness: Motorola exploratory research

In recent weeks, many payment companies have looked to the marketplace in order to assess “readiness” from an infrastructure standpoint to be able to integrate mobile POS systems and payment processing.

Motorola Solutions Inc. rolled out an in-depth survey of North American and European retail, hospitality and field services merchants to determine the level of interest in mobile payments and POS systems. The results indicated that 66% of participant’s revealed high levels of awareness and interest in mobile POS solutions and 42% currently use or plan to use mobile POS solutions within the next three years.

When looking at actual application interest, merchants focused on inventory management (51.3%), pricing and labeling (47.8%), return management (42.2%) and lastly merchandising (36.1%).
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Merchants were also asked the key reasons for making the jump into mobile: improved customer service, saving sales and special order product management, custom order fulfillment, line busting, serving store locations where fixed POS was not an option, and customer relationship/loyalty program management.