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Mobile card readers: taking payments on the go

Move over carbon copy slip and say hello to the mobile payment revolution!

Personal digital devices such as smartphones and tablets are paving the way for new means of client interaction and transaction processing. Both small and large companies are tapping into the opportunity to build flexible and mobile payment terminals into their business model. From the local plumber on the go to a large-scale retailer, technology has allowed one to turn a phone or tablet into a cash register and process payments anywhere while connected to the web.
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On a service level, this can drastically change how you do business and the amount of time needed to process payments. Further, quicker processing can lead to increased sales, increased customer satisfaction and might even spark word-of-mouth talk about how innovative your company is for integrating new technology.

These mobile payment-processing devices are still in the early stages of development and may not be accessible to every region or country, regardless one should consider the possibilities on how it can change processing payments with clients and take business in a whole new direction.