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Mastercard’s PayPass Wallet Services launched to banks, merchants and partners

Mastercard targeting banks, merchants and payment partners, recently launched PayPass Wallet Services. This all-encompassing service includes other Mastercard PayPass features such as PayPass Online, PayPass Contactless (NFC), PayPass Wallet and the Pay Pass API.

The PayPass Acceptance Network includes both the online component and contactless NFC component, which allows merchants to accept and process payments both in-store through NFC technology or online via the web through various capable smart devices.
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Going beyond a simple POS, the PayPass Wallet Services extend to white-label wallet opportunities for banks, merchants and partners while allowing end-consumers to house payment and shipping information for purchases all in one place.

Launching initially in Q3 of 2012, the service will be available in the US, Canada, UK and Australia to start, with further global expansion planned. The system will remain open and allow banks, merchants, partners and end-consumers to use the wallet alongside other credit and debit card services from Discover, American Express, Visa and other branded companies.