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Google Advises Canadian Businesses to Modernize

Addressing the Vancouver Board of Trade as the keynote speaker, the Managing Director of Google Canada, Sam Sebastien, took Canadian merchants to task for their slow adoption of digital technology. Sebastien expressed exasperation, claiming that the “bad slow” move towards these new technologies “does not compute.” Much of this exasperation is attributed to the fact that, in Sebastien’s words, “Digital leaders outperform their competitors in every industry…They have higher revenues, productivity, better market valuation. They just do better… Canadian businesses need to be embracing these tools.”

Canadian businesses are not using digital tools

Sebastien’s claims regarding Canadian businesses are borne out by the data. Canadian businesses, especially in the small to mid-sized range, need to embrace digital technologies if they want to remain competitive with an increasingly tech savvy customer base. UPS recently released a study that affirms what many of us have known to be true intuitively, that technology has a strong impact on the buying habits of Canadians. From mobile searched to online shopping, purchasing decisions have never been as influenced by digital technology as they are now. According the Alan Gershenhorn, the executive vice president and chief commercial officer of UPS, “The future of retail is driven by ever increasingly sophisticated and savvy shoppers who research at home and in a store, but more are turning to mobile as capabilities improve for online product display and promotion.” Less intuitively, there is also evidence that suggests that you online store not only represents an alternative location for your customers to shop, but further drives traffic into your brick and mortar store. Given this information, Sebastien is wholly correct, Canadian retailers must adapt to the new digital commercial landscape lest they get left behind entirely.

Concluding with an ever-popular Hockey metaphor to describe Canadian business owners, Sebastien ended his speech on a note of optimism, stating that, “In many ways I think Canada is the fastest team on the ice. We’ve just got to harness those skills.” At EVO we’re committed to helping your business harness the necessary skills to compete in the Modern marketplace. From mobile responsive websites, to ecommerce solutions, EVO Canada is a one stop shop for your modern needs. If you want to learn, get in touch!