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Are You Ready for Do It Yourself Mobile Apps?

Monday, 23 March, 2015

We’ve gotten to a point at which the power of mobile devices, pervasive high quality wireless networks, and the power of automated software development have created a huge opportunity for a kind of app that we all want but that has been missing. These are apps that are as easy …read more

Source:: Forbes – Technology

Starbucks rocking the mobile world with over 70 million mobile transactions

Thursday, 31 January, 2013

The Starbucks Coffee Company has become an architect of great commercial success with their entry to mobile applications world eighteen months ago. As of late last year they can now boast in having over 70 million payments through their mobile application, which is an amazing feat for any company mobile presence.
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Unlike many other merchants who use a third party payment processing application the Starbucks application was launched with a built-in payment service. That is set to change, as Square and Apple’s Passbook are now going to be well unified to the Starbucks brand, the former through a directory link to Starbucks and the latter will be integrated to iPod Touch or iPhone via Passbook software. These are very exciting developments; the future holds much innovation and further mobile presence for Starbucks.new balance m1500

American Sale bringing delivery convenience to customers via mobile

Thursday, 30 August, 2012

Anybody who has had to wait for delivery from a store knows the pain of being stuck at home, prisoner to the vague delivery times given to them. Superstore American Sale is changing that through the establishment of their own SMS service that will send a text to the customer, giving them an anticipated time and date of delivery. SMS may be viewed as becoming a strong alternative to a store’s applications, which not every consumer may be interested in using or even have the hardware to operate with.

SMS is also growing in strength because it benefits both parties equally at a low cost: the rapid convenience of text messaging for consumers and the marketing bond/service satisfaction that the business creates with their clients. Their director of mobile and digital unification at American Sale, Dave Lawson had this to say:

““By opening up SMS for notifications and delivery efficiency, American Sale is taking a proactive step to activating a highly relevant channel for customers…”
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Knotice is the company behind the SMS feature which notifies customers the day previous to their intended delivery. What is the overall strength of SMS in the future? As long as it remains lean and responsive it should remain a strong option for most businesses.


http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/ August 2012

Google Wallet releases version 2.0

Friday, 17 August, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new. Google has released version 2.0 of their Google Wallet service which allows a prepaid credit card of your choice to be stored in a completely secure environment.  The prepaid card simply funds the purchase when a mobile payment is made. This system is an improvement over previous version 1.0 which needed card issuers to become involved in provisioning the payment cards to Google Wallet.

In terms of security Google has gone down a different path regarding their technical approach: the cards are now stored on Google’s impeccably secure servers instead of on the secure storage area provided in all smart phone devices. A virtual card number is still stored there to help facilitate the purchase. Google then charges your selected card immediately thereafter. This new version actually speeds up the integration process for banks, enabling them to add their cards to the Wallet in literally weeks. This new methodology may pave the way for a better solution to support all credit and debit cards.
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Google has also made it much easier to disable your mobile wallet in cases of theft or loss of the phone. With a simple visit to the “Devices” section in your online wallet you can find the phone that you want disabled and Google Wallet will then not authorize any transactions until you effectively change the settings.


Costco enhancing customer experience with their new mobile app

Monday, 30 July, 2012

Members of Costco who are also Android and iPhone users will now have access to a free app that will greatly enhance their shopping experience. Costco has successfully tied many of their in-store services with the accessibility of the mobile application: pharmacy prescriptions can be refilled and checked on, items not available at nearby locations can be delivered when ordered, photos uploaded to their Photo Center, new coupons can be claimed, and memberships renewed. Not a Costco member? Not a problem. You can sign up through the app.
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These are functionalities that will strengthen a customer’s loyalty to the Costco brand. There are subtle ways that this app is going to promote traffic to stores, seeing as most services end with a customer going to one of the locations and that Costco is encouraging members to send in their app ideas for potential future integration.

From androidpolice.com, 07/02/12

Get paid to shop – App Delivers Foot Traffic to Retailers on a Silver Platter

Tuesday, 31 January, 2012

As Web technology continues to improve and offer better online shopping experiences, many people are taking this route to do their shopping and pulling business away from traditional brick and mortar retailers.

In an effort to utilize these same technological advancements, Shopkick, a California based company, is giving retailers a chance to regain those customers by creating a simple rewards program to get people into physical stores. The idea is to reward customers for entering a store, whereby a participating retailer gives points or “kicks” just for walking through the door. Going a step further, through the use of a smartphone, that same physical store becomes interactive with surprise discounts and offers sent while the user is shopping adding a whole new dynamic to the physical retail experience.

The points or “kicks” can be used and redeemed against a number of various products and services such as iTunes gift cards, restaurant vouchers, Facebook credits, appliances and even used to book vacations. Shopkick allows customers to shop freely, earn rewards, access exclusive offers and redeem points for exciting products and services.

Major retailers such as American Eagle, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Target and Macy’s are currently set-up and using the service; recently Shopkick partnered with Visa to offer their rewards program for purchases made with credit or debit card.

Local businesses are on Shopkick’s mind as well, which is why they are launching a new program to select 1000 small businesses to partake in the next phase of the apps development. Sign-up today at www.shopkick.com and perhaps you too can be on your way to driving more store traffic!