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Blackberry’s OS 7 ups the digital ante

With exciting new features and innovative apps, Blackberry smartphones running this next generation operating system have gotten the facelift needed. Armed with liquid graphics technology, ultra-quick web browsing speed, breakthrough technology and the revolutionary BBM messaging service, it’s all the Blackberry functionality you’ve come to not be able to live with out, now on a whole new level.

Experience what is called “augmented reality” through Wikitude’s Blackberry’s app which connects to the upgraded social media BBM messaging service that allows users to see if friends are close by, read reviews on restaurants in the near vicinity or get stories behind interesting landmarks, all on the go!

Incorporating NFC (near field communication) technology right into the smartphone itself, a Blackberry device can link-up to other NFC enabled devices or accessories with a new, one tap feature. This technology also lends itself to the emerging “digital wallet” trend and can host mobile payment apps as well.

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