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Get paid to shop – App Delivers Foot Traffic to Retailers on a Silver Platter

Tuesday, 31 January, 2012

As Web technology continues to improve and offer better online shopping experiences, many people are taking this route to do their shopping and pulling business away from traditional brick and mortar retailers.

In an effort to utilize these same technological advancements, Shopkick, a California based company, is giving retailers a chance to regain those customers by creating a simple rewards program to get people into physical stores. The idea is to reward customers for entering a store, whereby a participating retailer gives points or “kicks” just for walking through the door. Going a step further, through the use of a smartphone, that same physical store becomes interactive with surprise discounts and offers sent while the user is shopping adding a whole new dynamic to the physical retail experience.

The points or “kicks” can be used and redeemed against a number of various products and services such as iTunes gift cards, restaurant vouchers, Facebook credits, appliances and even used to book vacations. Shopkick allows customers to shop freely, earn rewards, access exclusive offers and redeem points for exciting products and services.

Major retailers such as American Eagle, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Target and Macy’s are currently set-up and using the service; recently Shopkick partnered with Visa to offer their rewards program for purchases made with credit or debit card.

Local businesses are on Shopkick’s mind as well, which is why they are launching a new program to select 1000 small businesses to partake in the next phase of the apps development. Sign-up today at www.shopkick.com and perhaps you too can be on your way to driving more store traffic!