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EVO to experience unprecedented growth in Canada!

Monday, 28 February, 2011

EVO Merchant Services Corp.-Canada is proud to report that it continues to experience unprecedented growth in Canada.

Credit and Debit card Processing in 2011 has doubled from 2010 to more than $1 Billion in volume and CAGR new account growth rates are more the 357% over the past two years

Mark Lachance, President of EVO CANADA attributes the phenomenal growth to his teams focus on partnerships with clients.
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“EVO’s goal is to help small business across Canada maximise their profits. Not only can we help them reduce payment processing costs, but we work with our clients to get to know their business and offer them additional products or services that could increase their bottom line” Kevin Lavigne, COO at EVO CANADA adds “our customer centric focus is really the key to our success. We are continually working to provide the newest technology to help our customers. In 2011 we launched the EVO iPhone and iPad credit card acceptance applications, EVO ePay, China Union Pay Card acceptance and a new website and blog to name but a few .The Customer is King is our mantra and we remain focused on continued growth under that vision in 2012.


EVO Merchant Services is in the largest privately held credit card processor in North America. By the end of 2011, EVO will actively service 315,000 merchant customers businesses of all sizes, in various industries, in the US and Canada focusing on the small to midsized merchants.. EVO CANADA is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and is a “single source” for the full range of electronic payment services. EVO offers several processing options, thus approving 98% of the merchant applications it receives. Visit www.evocanada.com for more information.

The holidays are coming, time to think gift cards

Monday, 28 February, 2011

With the holiday season around the corner and one of the biggest selling times of the year for most retailers, merchants scramble to get organized in order to maximize sales. One of the easiest gift ideas consumers tend to favor when stuck on what to buy for a friend or loved one is a gift card. It’s fast and easy to purchase and leaves the recipient with open options as to what, when and how to buy.
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In 2009 alone, over $1.8 billion was spent on gift cards in Canada, a staggering number to say the least that demonstrates a clear opportunity to connect with consumers and drive new business. On the premise of offering a complete service, EVO Canada has teamed up with top third party gift card providers and can easily incorporate this into existing merchant services offered.  Use gift cards to grow sales, increase store traffic and acquire new customers, as a promotional tool or simply to reduce paper waste and time management by replacing manual paper versions.

Help your customers give gifts, gain new customers as a result of it and continue to drive your business through this holiday season.

Mobile card readers: taking payments on the go

Sunday, 20 February, 2011

Move over carbon copy slip and say hello to the mobile payment revolution!

Personal digital devices such as smartphones and tablets are paving the way for new means of client interaction and transaction processing. Both small and large companies are tapping into the opportunity to build flexible and mobile payment terminals into their business model. From the local plumber on the go to a large-scale retailer, technology has allowed one to turn a phone or tablet into a cash register and process payments anywhere while connected to the web.
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On a service level, this can drastically change how you do business and the amount of time needed to process payments. Further, quicker processing can lead to increased sales, increased customer satisfaction and might even spark word-of-mouth talk about how innovative your company is for integrating new technology.

These mobile payment-processing devices are still in the early stages of development and may not be accessible to every region or country, regardless one should consider the possibilities on how it can change processing payments with clients and take business in a whole new direction.

EVO Canada Cares – where innovation and community come together

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

We all dream of philanthropic pursuits, but often lack of time and resources get in the way of giving back to the community. Current challenging economic times have also put pressure on financial resources available to fund local projects, community outreach programs and special causes. At EVO Canada, we understand these limitations and like you, always look for ways to do more, which is why we launched the EVO Cares program.

Since it’s inception we have seamlessly helped our customers give back to their communities in a low cost, hassle free, streamlined way. Through a simple referral program, EVO Canada will donate a minimum of $500 to your charity.
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Over the last year we have been fortunate enough to donate to organizations of all shapes and sizes, from the Canadian Red Cross to the MS Society of Canada and even less known community based organizations such as the L’Association Pour un Maroc Meilleur and Troupe Crème Brulee musical comedy. No charity or cause is too big or small as EVO Canada strives to proactively give back to our communities each year.

Contact EVO Canada Cares’ Josh Sorensen at 1-877-355-2082, extension 2964, and find out how your business can take a few small steps to make a difference in your community today!

Smartphone = Smartwallet: the age of mobile payments

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

By the end of 2011, mobile payment users are expected to total more than 140 million people worldwide. It’s no question that with the rise of enhanced mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, people have embraced new ways of gathering info, communicating and consequently consuming products and services. From apps to social media, simple web searches and everyday phone calls, so much of our daily life has become intertwined with portable devices and it’s only natural that payment processing becomes a part of this growing movement.

At the forefront of these new mobile payment initiatives is NFC (Near Field Communication), a revolutionary way to use technology to make simple low cost secure purchases through a mobile device. The concept is similar to the “pay pass” chips offered by most credit and debit card companies and widely used by gas stations in the form of a key chain swipe system.  Transactions can process simply through close proximity between two devices set-up with NFC technology, only a few centimeters apart.

No longer will people need to keep track of cards, cash and even the wallet itself, one central device will hold all of your vital daily resources. The offshoot for waste management is endless as well, as mobile payment solutions continue to move us towards a paperless society.

So next time you’re in line for that latte, pull out your phone and instead of making a call, send a text or type that tweet while you wait, pay for your coffee instead!

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Death of the paper receipt

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

Alongside music CD’s, newspapers, roadmaps and magazines, the paper receipt is climbing the ranks of the “obsolete list” brought on by the digital age.

Consumers are becoming more and more engaged in streamlining information digitally and making social decisions to help reduce waste and environmental impact brought on by personal consumption. According to allEtronic, an estimated 9.6 million trees are cut each year for receipts in the United States alone.
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Payment processing companies are listening and developing new technologies to help advance this notion by introducing retailers with systems that produce paperless receipts. As Jennifer Miles, Retail Systems Manager at VeriFone, puts it “we’re changing the way we shop. Customers are starting to want electronic receipts.”

With more and more consumers opting for paperless receipts, many major retailers have been quick to adopt the technology. Apple, Gap Inc. (including Old Navy and Banana Republic), Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Patagonia and Sears to name a few, currently offer the ability to e-mail receipts or send them to password protected Web sites. Nordstrom goes as far as introducing the “roving clerk” equipped with mobile payment devices to check out shoppers on the spot.

Electronic receipts also offer businesses the opportunity to connect longer with customers even after the purchase is complete. Many see it as a new marketing initiative by including additional information on the digital receipt such as links to brand websites, product info, exclusive offers and complementary items to that specific purchase.

So next time you make a purchase, opt for an electronic receipt and reduce waste, help save a tree and who knows, perhaps it will lead you to your next purchase with little or no effort!

EVO Canada Merchant Funding Program

Sunday, 13 February, 2011

By partnering with EVO Canada not only are your payment processing needs taken care of but your future growth potential as well. Many businesses struggle to find the necessary funding needed to grow as lenders usually have a long and extensive list of loan approval requirements.

EVO Canada is here to help its merchants and has a unique program that will allow your business to get up to $200,000 in additional funding. How? Easy, by leveraging an asset most don’t realize they have – their future credit and debit card processing funds.
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The requirements are quite simple: processing a minimum of $6,500 per month in debit or credit card payments at your business for at least 60 days. On top of it all, our approval rate is currently much higher than those of traditional funding sources.

If your business is in need of working capital to expand, renovate, purchase additional inventory, open a new location or just pay bills and don’t have access to the financial resources needed, inquire about our Cash Advance Program today!

Optimized payment terminal for small merchants

Tuesday, 1 February, 2011

As part of an expanded range of products from VeriFone, the Optimum T4205 provides smaller businesses an easy-to-use and economically priced terminal with all of the added features to make processing card payments a breeze.

Armed with 24MB of memory and an ARM9 processor for multiple application support, transactions can be processed quickly so you can focus on turnaround and customer service at the time of purchase.
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Worried about additional set-up issues and process? Another key feature is the ability to easily upgrade to current Optimum terminals such as the T4210, T4220, M4230 and M4240, where no re-certification or modification is needed. This means a quick and painless upgrade to your payment processing system!

With built-in features such as being PCI-PED approved, HyperSafe32 to prevent merchant slamming and an optional privacy shield, encryption and data security are built right into this terminal for safe and secure transactions every time.

Quick processing, secure and easy to install, the Optimum T4205 is the “optimal” choice for small merchants.